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Wim Hof Method - Certified Instructor

The WHM is a breathing awareness, cold exposure, and mindfulness/focus practice that (w)holistically causes a baseline increase in the human experience. It is a catalyst for increasing, happiness, health, and strength. This is achieved by working many of the bodies systems, taking control over automatic functions, and expanding physical thresholds. 


Breath Coach

Breathing, it's one of the very first things we do when we enter this world and one of the last things we do at the end of that story. Yet, most of us do it completely unaware, automatically, all year long. The WHM brings this very important skill into unbelievable levels of awareness. As Wim always emphatically expresses "feeling is understanding" Let Dustin Moon take you into the wonderland of conscious breath work 


Cold Explorer

Cold exposure is often the most difficult part of the WHM for people just beginning. We start gradual, mostly for the mind, in the form of cold showers. This gives us some time to prepare, mentally. The truth is our physiology responds quite well to the extremes of the cold, and the weak link is belief system operating capability. The ice is a training ground for this system and many others. The ice provides a plethora of benefits both physically and mentally. Again, "feeling is understanding" It doesn't freeze in the Bay Area often but the beaches of San Francisco are perfect for cold exposure


Food Activist and Holistic Nutritionist

After oxygen and water, food is the 3rd most essential compound to human survival. And it's one of the most confusing and misunderstood things in today's society. We have done the research and the experimenting so you don't have too. We understand the perfect human diet and we know how to implement a realistic version of that into busy western life. We have studied diet disciplines from vegan to paleo and from intermittent fasting to whole30 and ketosis. Be the experiment. 

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