WHoleMoon            Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor

Dustin Moon


Group Work

A goal of these workshops is to pass on enough knowledge so you can start your own WHM practice, to best facilitate this process we hack human intelligence through interaction and sharing. 


Breathing Mechanics

We explore the depth, range and potential of breath with several different breathing exercises, from energy creation to stress deescalation. 


The Ice Bath

We get it where we fit in, this group crushed it in this  tiny San Francisco garage and made this double dip look like a walk in the park. 

More ways to experience with Dustin Moon WHM


Let's Get Cold

Find Dustin Moon on social media and jump on a ride up to the mountains. Groups of 4 or more.


Frozen Lake Polar Plunge

We will bring the axe and together we will cut a hole in the ice for this one of a kind swim. This is an advanced day with a WHM fundamentals qualifier.